Lincoln Memorial University

Students with Disabilities

All documentation related to the student's disability and accommodations shall be maintained by the Office of Counseling and Lifestyle Management, located in Duke Hall room 201, Harrogate Campus, Room 319.

It is important for students to understand that it is their responsibility to request services at a post-secondary institution and timely requests are imperative for the best possible outcomes. Our mission is to work as a team with you, the student, to remove barriers that may hinder your ability to fully participate in the academic experience at Lincoln Memorial University.

Upon receipt of required documentation and approval for services, Dan Graves, will speak with the student, either in person or by telephone, to discuss and make arrangements for accommodations for the upcoming semester  A Student Disabilities form which lists the agreed upon accommodations will be signed by the student, the student's faculty members and the ADA coordinator.  This process shall be followed each semester for which the student wishes to request accommodations.

For LMU’s complete policy and procedures related to students with disabilities, see the STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES section of the Student Handbook.

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