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Residence Life on a university campus can be one of the most meaningful ingredients in a college experience.  We are happy to take this opportunity to Welcome our new students to Lincoln Memorial University's residence hall community and to help prepare you for life in a residence hall. One meaningful part of a University education is the learning that comes from living with others. A good deal of adjustment occurs in the transition from high school to University and from home life to residence hall life, and sometimes even from freshman to sophomore year. LMU's Residence Life Program is designed to help you make personal, social and academic adjustments in as healthy a way as possible, and to make your living experience both educational and enjoyable.  You will meet individuals who will become lifelong friends, given the opportunity to expand your sense of community service and you will improve your leadership skills.  You can do that here at LMU!

LMU requires all full-time students under the age of 21, regardless of class ranking, live on campus unless the student is living with a parent or guardian within a 65-mile radius of campus or is married and lives with a spouse.  An application for housing or housing waiver must be completed by all applicants for admission.

Application for Housing

Application for Housing Waiver

Pet-Friendly Housing 

Lincoln Memorial University aims to create the optimal living-learning opportunities for their residential students.  To that end, LMU is implementing a Pet-Friendly Housing Pilot Program for the 2016-2017 academic year.  Participation in the program is limited to graduate students residing in Mars and Lee residence halls. The continuation of the Pet-friendly Housing Program will depend on the success of the program.  The University reserves the right to terminate the program with 60 days notice to the residents for the 2017-2018 academic year.  The terms and conditions of this Pet-friendly Housing Policy do not apply to Service and Assistance animals registered through the Office for Students with Disabilities. 

LMU Pet Policy 

This policy provides an overview of the pilot program and includes the perimeters for the Pet's to reside on campus. Students interested in Pet-Friendly Housing should review the Pet Policy before submitting an application or appeal Request. All students regardless of Pet ownership who plan to live in Pet-Friendly Housing in either Lee or Mars residence halls will need to have a completed Pet-Friendly Housing Agreement on file with the Office of Housing and Residence Life. 

Application for Pet-Friendly Housing

Pet Registration is a 2 (two) part process where all Pets must be approved and registered prior to residing on campus. The first step is to complete this application form and submit supporting documentation. 

Supporting documentation for a Pet includes this Vet Clearance Form, please have your home veterinarian complete the form to submit alongside your application.

Pet Application Form

Requesting an Appeal to the Pet Policy

Pet owners who are interested in Pet-Friendly Housing, but your Pet does not meet one or more of the perimeters outlined in the Pet Policy, please complete and this form and submit supporting documentation.  

Supporting documentation for a Pet includes this Vet Clearance Form, please have your home veterinarian complete the form to submit alongside your application. 

Pet Appeal Request Form

Handling Complaints 

Any member of the Lincoln Memorial University community may file a confidential complaint with The Pet Life Committee regarding any Pet. Each complaint will be handled on an individual basis. The severity of the offense and the discretion of The Pet Life Committee will determine actions taken. 

Pet Complaint Form



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