Lincoln Memorial University

How Funds Are Raised

We invite you to view these PowerPoint presentations about giving to Lincoln Memorial University:

How Funds are Raised: Annual Fund

This presentation covers the Annual Fund whichis an unrestricted account allowing LMU to direct resources to those needs of critical importance throughout the year such as institutional aid, new academic initiatives, and equipment.

How Funds Are Raised: Major Gifts

This presentation covers gifts of $25,000 and above which help support LMU’s major initiatives by providing gifts for endowed scholarships, faculty development, residence halls and many other purposes.

How Funds Are Raised: Planned Giving

This presentation covers planned gifts which encompass a wide range of ways to support LMU, from establishing a charitable trust, a gift annuity or by including LMU in your will. In every case, planned gifts help provide resources for future generations while often offering immediate tax benefits.



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