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What is the Annual Fund?

Part of the work of the Division of University Advancement is to stay informed about trends in fundraising in today's rapidly changing market and to search for funding sources that lie outside the usual opportunities. 

The director of foundation and external relations is responsible for researching active foundations and finding potential matches for the University in outside funding. As a result, grant activity has noticeably increased and goals have been set for the next several years to significantly increase revenue from grants and contracts as relationships with granting agencies are cultivated.

A significant force in the potential success of a grant proposal is evidence of commitment by the University community.  Virtually all foundations ask for data concerning the level of alumni giving. The rationale is if the alumni do not feel strongly enough about the work and mission of the University to help support it financially, the motivation for an outside source to take a vested interest diminishes. This is but one reason why LMU needs your annual fund gift.

Foundations ask for the percent of alumni who give back rather than dollar amounts, so being unable to make a large gift should not deter potential donors to the annual fund from giving whatever is comfortable for their individual situations. Even a small gift will increase our alumni giving rate.

What is an unrestricted gift?

An unrestricted gift is a gift that is given to LMU without any restrictions on its use.  Restricted gifts are those gifts earmarked for specific purposes such as a named, endowed scholarship, endowed chair, or building construction.  Although both restricted and unrestricted gifts are welcome, unrestricted gifts are of critical importance.

Why is unrestricted support so important?

Gifts free of restriction allow LMU to place resources where they are most immediately needed or where opportunities are greatest.  Common uses of unrestricted funds include student aid, renovations, new academic initiatives, and the purchase of books, collections and equipment. 


The annual fund helps support these areas:

Avery Hall Chiller Campus Center Restrooms
Campus Center Student Lounge Communications Equipment
Computer Equipment Duke Hall Roof
Faculty/Staff Salaries Farm Drain
Gas Line Relocation Institutional Scholarships
Library Computer System Office Improvements
Paving and Road Striping Sewer Line
Swimming Pool Improvements Vet Tech Roof


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