Lincoln Memorial University

Office of Research, Grants and Sponsored Programs (ORGSP)

About Us

The ORGSP is formally charged with the providing services to faculty and staff for securing and managing external support from federal, state, and other sources.

Our Mission

The ORGSP is dedicated to providing the supportive infrastructure needed to increase the overall number and types of externally funded grants and ensure the proper management and oversight of new and established awards that fully represent the mission statement and historical integrity of Lincoln Memorial University.

Our Vision

The vision of the ORGSP is for the application process and the post-award management of all LMU sponsored programs to be effectively integrated into the university's financial and academic management systems, therefore providing sound guidance, accurate information, and appropriate funding opportunities to shape the future of externally funded support at the university, and continue to ensure the university excels in the stewardship of its sponsors resources.


Lincoln Memorial University
Office of Sponsored Programs
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