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The Bachelor of Science in Organizational Learning & Leadership provides educational and research opportunities to adult students who wish to integrate their business/organizational workplace backgrounds with the study of business. The program format serves those working in business and public organizations by providing a business degree program relevant to their workplace needs and available in an evening, online and blended course delivery format. With a focus on organizational learning leadership, the program provides education, leadership, research, and service through relationships with businesses and public organizations. 

Degree Offered

Bachelor of Science

Admission Requirements

Admission to Lincoln Memorial University:

  • Submit an LMU admission application and the nonrefundable $25 application fee
  • Request all official transcripts from accredited institutions you have attended to be sent to the LMU Admissions Office

Upon your admission to the University, you will be contacted about the admission process to the Organizational Learning & Leadership Program which entails:

  1. Admission to LMU;
  2. Completing at least 60 semester credit hours from a post-secondary institution as evidenced by official transcripts sent directly from the college or university to the Admissions Office;
  3. Having earned a grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 on all academic work completed;
  4. Completing at least 26 semester credit hours of the General Education Core Curriculum for the OL&L;
  5. Submitting two (2) letters of recommendation—one (1) character reference and one (1) employer reference;
  6. Providing a writing sample (a minimum of one (1) page to the OL&L Director that includes a self-analysis and the purpose and goals for participating in the OL&L;
  7. Completing a personal interview with an advisor; and
  8. Reviewing and signing the written Plan of Study through which a student agrees to follow as a means to complete their bachelor’s degree with LMU.
  9. Paying a $100.00 admission fee (applied to tuition) to reserve space in the designated group (non-refundable and non-transferable).
  10. Candidacy for each applicant into the Organizational Learning & Leadership Program (OLL) is reviewed by the School of Business Admissions Committee.
  11. Completing a Declaration of Major form indicating the degree choice of a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Learning & Leadership at Lincoln Memorial University.
  12. Students admitted to the program will receive a letter from the Program Director notifying them of their admittance to the program.

Special Features

The Organizational Learning& Leadership (OL&L) design assists adults, who have a minimum 60 semester credit hours of college credit and prior learning experiences, in obtaining a bachelor’s degree. The OL& L uses the group network approach and includes:

  • Attending classes two (2) nights per week for core OLL courses
  • Completing two (2) core classes at a time for eight weeks
  • Completing 17 core classes over a 64-week period that defines 60 semester credit hours of study 


The LMU School of Business offers the Bachelor of Science degree designed specifically for working adults at our Cedar Bluff, Knoxville, Tn and main campus in Harrogate, TN. 

The convenient course schedule allows you to take evening classes with other working adult students. The curriculum includes components to enhance the student’s knowledge of culture diversity, workforce dynamics to include multi-generational human resource development, leadership theory and practical application, diverse systemic and social psychological perspectives within the realm of an innovative, learning organization. The courses within the program make use of a variety of real world exercises and activities intended to integrate students’ business/organizational work experiences with their core Organizational & Learning core classes.

Core Curriculum 

Term #1 Fall 2016

ORLL 300

Principles of Management 3 credits- 8 weeks

ORLL 301

Lincoln’s Legacy: Yesterday & Today – 3 credits – 8 weeks

ORLL 303

Team Development & Sustainability – 3 credits – 8 weeks

ORLL 308

Communicating in Business with Technology – 3 credits – 8 weeks

ORLL 360

Organizational Theory (ONLN ) – 3 credits – 16 weeks

Total Credits= 15 Credits- 16 weeks


Term #2- Spring 2017


Diversity in the Workplace – 3 credits – 8 weeks

ORLL 307

Survey of Economics – 3 credits – 8 weeks

ORLL 430

Financial Forecasting & Budgeting – 3 credits – 8 weeks

ORLL 410

Project Management – 3 credits – 8 weeks

ORLL 430

Marketing Management ONLN – 3 credits – 16 weeks

Total Credits= 15 Credits- 16 Weeks


Term #4- Fall 2017

ORLL 394

Accounting for Managers- 3 Credits- 8 weeks


Organizational Learning – 3 credits – 8 weeks

ORLL 270

Business Statistics – 3 credits – 8 weeks

ORLL 480

Business Systems Analysis & Design – 3 credits – 8 weeks

ORLL 310

International Business ONLN – 3credits—16 weeks


*SEWS Junior Writing Requirement

Total Credits= 15 Credits- 16 Weeks 

Term #4- Spring 2018

ORLL 304

Ethical Leadership – 3 credits – 8 weeks


Leading Organizational Culture and Change – 3 credits

ORLL 310

Human Resource Management – 3 credits – 8 weeks

ORLL 450

Business Strategy in a Global Environment – 3 credits – 8 weeks

ORLL 440

Legal Environment of Business ONLN – 3 credits – 16 weeks


*SEWS Senior Writing Requirement

Total Credits= 15 Credits- 16 Weeks

Overall Credit Hours= 60

*Elective class - ORLL 498 – Internship in Business – 3 credits – May be repeated to a total of 6 credit hours applicable to program and/or degree requirements with advisor approval.

Curriculum Information

Students who have earned an Associates of Art (AA) or Associates of Science (AS) degree from a SACSCOC Accredited Tennessee or Kentucky institution will have completed all General Education core requirements set forth by Lincoln Memorial University as a component of the Tennessee Transfer Pathway Program as approved by the University spring 2012. 
A baccalaureate degree from LMU requires 128 hours. To meet this requirement, student hours may come from a combination of the following:

  • Transferable college credit hours
  • Special credit, which includes Prior Learning Portfolio
  • Credit by Examination
  • LMU OL&L core curriculum
  • Military Credit

Career Opportunities

The Organizational Learning & Leadership program provides its graduates with the opportunity to continue their education and enhance their careers. Upon completion of the degree requirements, students are prepared for a wide range of leadership positions requiring meaningful business decision making.


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