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The Athletic Training Program (ATP), which is housed in the Department of Athletic Training, is designed to provide athletic training students (ATS) with the unique opportunity to gain real world practical experience in athletic training very early in the student's career. Under the direct supervision of a preceptor, the ATS utilizes knowledge and skills learned in the classroom to become an integral member of the Sports Medicine Team at Lincoln Memorial University (LMU). Through partnerships with the LMU Intercollegiate Athletics Department and area high schools ATS utilize service learning opportunities to gain valuable exposure to the athletic training profession.

The Athletic Training Program is committed to educating student to become highly qualified certified athletic trainers who are prepared to be productive, responsible and engaged allied health professionals in a multicultural environment. This will be accomplished by emphasizing a personalized, diverse and dynamic learning environment to foster faculty, staff and student engagement in the areas of teaching, research and service.

Mission Statement:

The athletic training program reflects the mission and academic integrity of Lincoln Memorial University.

The commitment of the faculty of the ATP to the athletic training student is based on the belief that graduates must be able to communicate clearly and effectively while providing ideal health care to student athletes. The athletic training program challenges and prepares each student to make appropriate decisions and important judgments regarding sudden injury and life threatening situations. Through diverse educational and research experiences, it is our mission to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and values that an entry-level athletic trainer must possess.

Upon completion of the Athletic Training Program at LMU, each graduate should be well prepared to sit for the Board of Certification (BOC) national certification exam.

The program will strive to maintain and surpass the standards of accreditation as specified by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (caATe).

Our Vision:

To be recognized as one of the premier entry level athletic training programs in Tennessee and throughout the southeastern United States by providing students with an extensive, dynamic and individualized education that promotes leadership and professionalism.

Goals of the Athletic Training Program:

  • Communicate effectively to a variety of populations utilizing various media
  • Prevent, evaluate, treat, rehabilitate and recondition musculoskeletal injuries appropriately for an entry level certified athletic trainer
  • Evaluate and manage medical conditions appropriately for an entry-level certified athletic trainer
  • Organize and administer athletic training services in a variety of settings
  • Foster the caring side of athletic training by incorporating psychosocial aspects into all domains
  • Demonstrate the importance of professional development through an appreciation of life-long learning, professional membership and service to the profession and community
  • Successfully pass standardized test(s) required in order to practice athletic training at the state or national level.

Prospective Students



  • Pre-Practicum Phase
  • Practicum Phase

Admissions Requirements

Lincoln Memorial University is committed to recruiting and preparing quality candidates for entry-level positions in athletic training. Admission criteria listed are requirements that must be met before admission is granted. Meeting these minimum standards will not guarantee admission to the Athletic Training Program.

Admission to Lincoln Memorial University does not guarantee admission to the Athletic Training Program.

Admission Prerequisites

A complete admission application to the LMU ATP will include:

  1. Completion of the following courses, or their equivalent, with a “B-” or better:
    1. ATTR 100 (Foundations in Athletic Training or equivalent)
    2. ATTR 102 (Clinical Introduction to Athletic Training or equivalent)
    3. ATTR 170 (Musculoskeletal Anatomy or equivalent)
    4. ATTR 170L (Musculoskeletal Anatomy Lab or equivalent)
  2. A cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher.
  3. Completion of ATP application packet

Once a student submits a completed admission application the Admissions Committee, which is composed of AT faculty and staff, will recommend students to be interviewed for admission. Students applying to LMU ATP are encouraged to present evidence of meeting or exceeding the application requirements. Further delineation of the selective admission criteria is available here. (link to selective admission criteria)

The University and Athletic Training Program reserve the right to make programmatic changes. These changes may result from University policy decisions or governing agency decisions.

Technical Standards
Immunization Requirements

Current Students


Practicum Sites

Claiborne High School
Cumberland Gap High School
Middlesboro High School
LMU – University Medical Clinic (Harrogate)
LMU – University Medical Clinic (Tazewell)


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