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The LMU-DCOM PA Program is a full-time, graduate level, 27-consecutive month curriculum divided into a 14-month didactic, preclinical phase and a 13-month clinical phase. The didactic program will be conducted at the LMU-DCOM facility only on the Harrogate campus. The clinical portion of the program will be provided at urban and rural single and multi-specialty clinics and community and tertiary hospital settings with physician and PA preceptors. Clinical rotations are mainly located in the southeastern United States, but other locations throughout the U.S. are available as well.


No advanced placement, transfer credit or credit for experiential learning will be awarded for the program.

In the didactic phase of the curriculum, students will pursue intensive coursework in the basic medical, clinical and behavioral sciences, which will include medical gross anatomy, clinical skills training, clinical medicine, physical examination and history taking, physiology, pharmacology, pathophysiology and PA professional issues. This phase of the curriculum will provide a foundation for the subsequent clinical phase of the program.

The clinical phase of the curriculum will be made up of four to eight-week rotations, which will include family practice, internal medicine, pediatrics, general surgery, emergency medicine, women's health, orthopedics and long term care. Elective experiences are available in many areas of medicine. The PA program has core clinical sites in Florida, Texas, Connecticut and Arkansas. Students can expect to travel to one or more of these locations during the clinical phase. Transportation, room and board is taken into account for financial aid.

During the clinical year, students will be required to complete a capstone project which is a paper designed to provide the PA student with an opportunity to gain further information on a selected and approved medical topic. The student will have, in advance, defined the topic and research methods to be used to complete the project and will ultimately produce a written paper in a format and style suitable for publication in a medical journal. The topic of the paper will be presented orally to PA faculty, students and the LMU-DCOM and University communities. The student will work with an approved advisor on the capstone project.

Curriculum for LMU-DCOM Physician Assistant Program
PA Program Schedule of Courses

Summer Semester (15 sem. hrs.)  

Sem. hrs.

PAS 500: Introduction to the PA Profession


PAS 510: Anatomy


PAS 520: Physical Diagnosis I


PAS 515: Physiology/Pathophysiology I


PAS 575: Public Health Issues

PAS 505: Pharmacology   1.0
Fall Semester (18.5 sem. hrs.)    

PAS 516: Physiology/Pathophysiology II


PAS 521: Physical Diagnosis II


PAS 535: Pharmacology & Pharmacotherapeutics I


PAS 550: Clinical Medicine I


PAS 560: Research Methods

Spring Semester (18.5 sem. hrs.)    

PAS 517: Physiology/Pathophysiology III


PAS 536: Pharmacology & Pharmacotherapeutics II


PAS 551: Clinical Medicine II


PAs 545: Clinical Skills I


PAS 540: Behavioral Medicine

Summer Semester (11 sem. hrs.)    

PAS 565: Surgery/Emergency Medicine


PAS 552: Clinical Medicine III


PAS 546: Clinical Skills II


PAS 525: Medical Law, Ethics & the Health Care Delivery System

Clinical Year   Sem. hrs.

PAS 600: Capstone Project       


PAS 610: Family Medicine  


PAS 620: Internal Medicine       

PAS 625: Behaviorial Medicine   4.0

PAS 630: Emergency Medicine           


PAS 640: Surgery


PAS 650: Pediatrics                  


PAS 660: Elective                  

PAS 665: Selective   4.0

PAS 670: Women's Health      


PAS 690: Orthopedics

*Clinical rotations are minimum 40 hours a week.   52.0
Total: 115 credits for full program.    

Academic Policies and Standards
Requirements for the Successful Completion of the Didactic Year

1. Follow all policies and procedures published by LMU-DCOM and the Physician Assistant Program.
2. Achieve a grade of "C" (70%) or higher in all didactic courses.
3. Successfully complete summative examinations.
4. Submit documentation of health requirements for the clinical year.
5. Maintain BLS certification throughout the program and obtain ACLS certification prior to entering clinical rotations.
6. Comply with the professionalism and Code of Student Conduct expectations.

Requirements for the Successful Completion of the Clinical Year

1. Follow all policies and procedures published by LMU-DCOM and the PA Program.
2. Achieve a grade of "C" (70%) or higher in all clinical rotations.
3. Successfully complete written and practical summative evaluations.
4. Comply with the professionalism and Code of Student Conduct expectations.

Requirements for Graduation

A student will be recommended for the Master of Medical Science in Physician Assistant Studies degree and the Certificate of Completion provided he/she:

1. Successfully completes all components of the program (didactic, clinical, and the capstone);
2. Fulfillment of all financial obligations to Lincoln Memorial University.

Academic Standing

A student who is in good standing in the Department of Physician Assistant Studies will have met the following criteria:

1. Achieve a grade of "C" (70%) or higher in all didactic and clinical courses required by the LMU-DCOM Physician Assistant Program.
2. Meet the LMU-DCOM and Physician Assistant Program professionalism (expectations) and Code of Student Conduct expectations.
3. Comply with all LMU-DCOM and Physician Assistant Program policies and procedures.

Academic Progression

Progression in the Physician Assistant Program is contingent on continued mastery of program objectives, course content, and the demonstration of behaviors consistent with a health care professional. Students who fail a course or clinical rotation will be placed on academic probation and will be required to repeat that course/clinical rotation on a schedule determined by the Department with a resultant delay in graduation. Should the student fail the same course/clinical rotation a second time, immediate dismissal from the Program will occur and reapplication to the Program will not be allowed. Students failing a second, but different, course will appear before the Student Progress Committee for review. Students who fail to achieve the goals mapped out in a remediation plan will also appear before the Student Progress Committee for review.

Academic Probation

Students who fail a PA Program course/clinical rotation or do not meet the Professional Expectations or Code of Student Conduct expectations will be placed on Academic Probation and notified in writing by the PA Program Director. In the written notification, the PA Program Director will specify the reason(s) for academic probation, the requirements for removal from academic probation and the deadline for completing these requirements.

Dismissal from the Program

Students who do not meet the defined progression standards will be subject to dismissal as defined in the didactic Academic Progression section. Students dismissed from the program may wish to review the appeals processes.

Dismissal and Withdrawal

The LMU-DCOM PA Program reserves the right to dismiss any PA student at any time prior to graduation. Circumstances warranting such action may be of an academic, legal or professional nature. It is imperative that any student who leaves LMU-DCOM for any reason goes through the check-out procedure before their dismissal, withdrawal or leave of absence can be said to be final. Failure to complete this exit procedure will cause LMU-DCOM and the PA Program to withhold all records pertaining to the student's attendance. The check-out procedure is as follows:

  1. If the student is withdrawing, he or she must supply the Assistant Dean/PA Program Director with a letter of resignation.

  2. If the student is being dismissed, the Chairperson of the Student Progress Committee should inform the PA Program Director of the dismissal as soon as possible and communicate with the physician assistant student who is being dismissed that a check-out is in order.

  3. As soon as the Office of Admissions and Student Advancement is formally notified of the physician assistant student leaving school, it will produce a memorandum stating the change in the PA student's status to all LMU-DCOM offices and the appropriate professors. Before leaving campus, the student needs to undergo an exit interview with:
              *Admissions and Student Advancement Office;
              *Financial Services Office;

  4. When the student completes all of these obligations, LMU-DCOM will then release student records upon the proper request. Dismissal and check-out forms are available in the LMU-DCOM Office of Admissions and Student Advancement.

Fair Practices

PA students have equal access to facilities and programs of the Lincoln Memorial University-DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine as students of other programs. LMU-DCOM is committed to equality of opportunity and does not discriminate against applicants, students, or employees based on race, religion, color, creed, national origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, or disability. All policies concerning equal opportunity/affirmative action, sexual harassment, discrimination, and conflicts of interest are found in the LMU Student Handbook and the PA Student Handbook and Catalog.

Employment During the Program

Because of the intensity of the LMU-DCOM PA Program, students are strongly discouraged from seeking or maintaining employment during the entire program. If a PA student chooses to work during the first year of the program, it is his/her responsibility to ensure that employment does not interfere with or hinder academic progress. Having a job is not an excuse for missing lectures, examinations, clinical labs or assignments. During the clinical year, students will be required to rotate through a clinical site a minimum of 40 hours a week. In addition, students may be required to take on call, weekends, holidays, evenings and/or nights. PA students are not allowed to work for the program or be substituted for administrative or technical support at any time.


Please view the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants at Please click here for current and past LMU PANCE scores.

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