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Population Health and the Practicing Physician

"Many current health reform efforts call for the adoption of population health strategies. What exactly is population health, and how does it relate to the practicing clinician?  How does an interested clinician get started?

The New Hampshire Medical Society (NHMS) and the Institute for Health Policy and Practice (IHPP) at UNH are proud to announce a new clinician learning tool, titled Population Health for the Clinician: A Podcast Series.  This series aims to introduce the listener to the principles and practices of population health, and to share resources to help the clinician incorporate population-based strategies into their practice.

"There is so much attention being paid to population health these days, yet it remains poorly understood," said Dr. Bill Kassler, series host and former NHMS president.  "We are fortunate to have quite a number of nationally recognized experts join us to discuss this important topic."

The Podcast Series will feature episodes on working with state health departments and community-based organizations, advocacy and leadership, a case study on putting prevention into your practice, and what can be done to address health disparities.  Guests include leading academicians and medical educators, senior leadership from CDC and  state health departments, the Chief Medical Officers of a safety net clinic and a Pioneer ACO, and several practicing physicians who have undertaken leadership roles, including a state legislator.

"Educating health care providers and improving the health of our population are central to the mission of the College of Health and Human Services," said Mike Ferrara, Dean of the College of Health and Human Services and the Kent P. Falb Professor of Kinesiology at the University of New Hampshire. "The College is pleased to support this effort to advance the knowledge and practice of health care providers in New Hampshire."

The Podcast Series  is available on the NHMS website, at .  Each of the eight 15-minute episodes will confer 0.25 hours of ACCGME CME credit.  For more information contact Mary West or 603.224.1909.

Funding for the Podcast Series project has been provided by the UNH College of Health and Human Services and the New Hampshire Medical Society.


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