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About the DMS Program

Looking into the future of healthcare, LMU seeks to impact healthcare shortage in Appalachia and beyond.  With the number of U.S. physician residencies capped by federal dollars; the expected retirement of over 250,000 physicians between 2008 and 2025; and the addition of 32 million new patients to the healthcare system via the affordable care act (, LMU is poised to meet the healthcare needs of communities in most need.

Recognizing the value of the physician assistant training model, the clinical skills associated with this model, and the asset to the health care team, LMU-DCOM began to explore options for providing additional training to physician assistants. 

In response to the recommendations found in the ”Physician Assistant Clinical Doctorate Summit: Final Report and Summary” developed through the ideas of independent health professionals including Physician Assistants and other health care providers, LMU-DCOM established a Doctor of Medical Science program for experienced physician assistants.

This program offers the master’s trained physician assistant additional medical education, based on the four recommendations outlined by the PA summit.

  1. This program is designed for experienced physician assistants and is not entry level.
  2. This program is not a replacement for PA education.
  3. This program is developed by physicians and a medical school and is not part of a PA program or PA education.
  4. This program expands on the PA educational model without unnecessary academic or clinical repetition.

By design, this program depends on the continued success of the PA training model, and serves as an academic advancement of clinical knowledge and skills equivalent to that of a residency trained physician for the chief end of improving healthcare and healthcare education.

The Program will be taught by board certified physician subspecialists, and PhD science faculty from the medical school, teaching hospitals and the community.  The clinical practicums will be supervised by board certified physicians and the educational track will be administered by LMU Doctor of Education Program.

LMU is excited to announce that it received approval to offer the Doctor of Medical Science program from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) in November of 2015. The program will matriculate its first cohort in fall 2016.

Click Here for the full Physician Assistant Summit Report 

About the DMS Program

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