Lincoln Memorial University

Strategic Goals

Lincoln Memorial University has identified seven Strategic Goals. The Strategic Goals were developed from a review of SACS-COC expectations, internal outcomes assessment data and external factors influencing the University. These seven goals reflect the University Mission, Purpose and Values and are crucial to achieving regional distinction. Section II of this plan describes the activities, responsibility for accomplishment, time frames, required resources, assessment methods and use of results for each objective related to each Strategic Goal.

Strategic Goal 1: Assess and enhance academic quality

Strategic Goal 2: Recruit and retain students so that enrollment, integrity and the mission of Lincoln Memorial University will be maintained to produce knowledgeable and productive citizens of society

Strategic Goal 3: Strengthen planning, budgeting and assessment

Strategic Goal 4: Ensure the adequacy and efficient use of physical and human resources on campus and at extended learning sites

Strategic Goal 5: Ensure effective and efficient use of technology

Strategic Goal 6: Enhance resources

Strategic Goal 7: Assess and enhance University-wide research and scholarly activity


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