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The Abraham Lincoln Institute for the Study of Leadership and Public Policy

The Abraham Lincoln Institute for the Study of Leadership and Public Policy encourages original research in the emerging field of leadership theory and practice. The Institute seeks to identify opportunities for scholars, teachers and those engaged in public service to develop and practice responsible and ethical leadership. The staff and personnel associated with the Institute strive to create a positive research environment that will stimulate and enrich a variety of research undertakings.

The exemplary life and leadership of Abraham Lincoln provides the quintessential example of an accomplished leader and public servant. The Institute through its association with Lincoln Memorial University and the Abraham Lincoln library and Museum will provide access to original research materials for scholars interested in the relationship of Lincoln and his contemporaries to American governance and civil society. The Institute expects through a variety of venues to communicate the results of its research undertakings to the public.

The Institute will sponsor the R. Gerald McMurtry Memorial lectures by leading scholars from a broad spectrum of academic disciplines. The lecture series honors the contributions of the late R. Gerald McMurtry to Lincoln scholarship. The Institute will continue pursuing his goal to raise public awareness of Abraham Lincoln and his contributions to the American experience.

The Institute will focus considerable attention on the development and improvement of instruction and administration at all levels of public education. The objective is to provide continuing education for professional practitioners in leadership roles throughout a modern integrated society. Seminars and workshops will be organized and conducted at appropriate times to communicate and share ideas in a collegial atmosphere.

The Institute will post on its website current opportunities and information related to its mission of increasing public awareness of Abraham Lincoln and his legacy of leadership. Significant publications and research findings will be reviewed and made available to the public. The board of advisors selects and appoints the Lincoln Scholars from a variety of academic disciplines. The Research Fellows will encourage collaborative research and study that informs the overall research experience.

As funding becomes available fellowships and research stipends will be provided for graduate and postdoctoral researchers. The Institute expects to receive financial support from a number of foundations and agencies dedicated to the continued development and enrichment of the human experience by actively engaging the arts and humanities.

2015 Lecture: Dr. Mark E. Steiner

Mission Statement

The Lincoln Institute for the study of Leadership and Public Policy will provide an intellectual environment to encourage research and study into leadership theory and ethical practices in both the public and private sectors. The leadership of Abraham Lincoln reflects the relationship of leadership to public policy and provides the historical context for further research and inquiry. The Institute seeks through its research to raise public awareness of Abraham Lincoln's ethical and ecumenical leadership style.

Vision Statement

The Lincoln Institute for the study of Leadership and Public Policy is committed to becoming the premier research facility for the study of leadership and public policy. The resources of the Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum will support scholarly inquiry into the leadership provided by Abraham Lincoln and his contributions to American society. The Institute will select outstanding and proven scholars as research fellows associated with the Institute. The work of the Institute will be addressed to leaders in education, government officials and legislators, as well as academics. The staff will assist a wide range of researchers to continue and expand the one hundred year old tradition at Lincoln Memorial University to increase public awareness of the contributions of Abraham Lincoln and their relevance to contemporary global environment.

As one of the leading centers for the study of leadership and public policy, the Institute expects to have a continuing influence on public policy for the greater good of society. The expectation is that the continued emphasis on ethical and responsible engagement in both the public and private arenas will create appropriate incentives to improve the future of public policy.

Leadership Seminar

  • Professional and Personal Ethics
  • Leadership Values
  • Transferrable Leadership Skills



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