Lincoln Memorial University

Institute for Collaborative Leadership


In addition to its academic program, the Institute provides dispute resolution services and training to public and private sector organizations. Those services and training may include:

System Design. Dispute systems design involves the creation of a set of dispute resolution processes to help an organization, institution, governmental entity or set of individuals better manage a particular conflict and/or a continuous stream or series of conflict. The Institute provides assistance to organizations on determining which processes are most effective in dealing with such disputes either within or across organization, designing the most appropriate procedures that match the disputes to be managed and developing and implementation plan.

Facilitation. Facilitation is used within and between public and private sector organizations when groups, units or departments are encountering difficulty in achieving consensus, solving problems or resolving an intractable conflict. The Institute can provide guidance and technical assistance to these groups by assisting in the exchange of information, helping parties to communicate more effectively, engaging in collaborative problem-solving and in building consensus.

Leadership Training. The Institute provides a variety of leadership training modules focused exclusively on effective and constructive conflict resolution skills for organizational leaders. The Institute's leadership training is truly unique - focusing on the dimensions of collaborative leadership exemplified by the practices of Abraham Lincoln


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