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Institute for Collaborative Leadership

The Lincoln Memorial University Institute for Collaborative Leadership was established to provide an experiential education emphasizing the importance of developing organizational leaders in public and private sector organizations, consistent with the values and mission of the university. A particular emphasis of the Institute is the application of conflict management and dispute resolution skills in the practice of collaborative leadership.

The University's namesake personified the concept and practice of collaborative leadership. Guiding America through undoubtedly the most critical time in our nation's history, Abraham Lincoln exhibited a rare mix of and collaborative leadership skills which proved indispensable in managing and resolving the dire national conflict at hand. Those skills are just as crucial today - if not more so - although they are sorely missed in many leadership curricula and positions.

The Institute is interdisciplinary in nature, bringing together the leadership and curriculum of various schools of the University - Arts and Humanities, Education, Business, and Law. Drawing upon the expertise in these disciplines, a specifically -designed curriculum has been developed which provides students with the practical skills necessary to manage and resolve conflict in their professions and organizations.

The Institute provides various instructional paths for individuals seeking an enlarged capacity in professional leadership. Housed in the historic Duncan School of Law in downtown Knoxville, the Institute’s programs are offered in various undergraduate and post-graduate programs, including Business, Education, and Criminal Justice. For those currently without an advanced degree but who nevertheless wish to expand their conflict management skills through an institute of higher education, the Center offers its conflict management courses through a graduate certification program in conflict management.

In addition to its academic programs, the Institute provides conflict management and dispute resolution services and training to public and private sector organizations.

Institute for Collaborative Leadership
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