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The MEd in Initial Teacher Licensure program at Lincoln Memorial University is designed to attract degreed individuals who may be seeking to change careers and who have potential to become good teachers. Licensure can be earned without completing the master’s degree, but this program offers the opportunity for graduate-level candidates to earn an M.Ed. degree in addition to receiving teacher licensure. Classes are scheduled to accommodate working adults looking for a career change. The program is an accelerated, rigorous program with an outstanding record of candidates with excellent Praxis scores and with a high rate of employment for candidates who successfully complete the program.

All candidates will enter with a fall semester cohort and will take these professional core courses: EDUC 570, Introduction to Teaching and Learning, in the fall semester; EDUC 571, Extending and Refining Knowledge of Teaching and Learning, in the spring semester; and EDUC 591 Enhanced Student Teaching, which must be completed within two years after finishing the EDUC 570 and EDUC 571 courses. The EDUC 570 and EDUC 571 courses are held in two consecutive (fall and spring) semesters in all-day Saturday class sessions meeting approximately ten class sessions per semester. 10 classes are the minimum. Candidates who successfully complete program and licensure requirements will be recommended for initial teacher licensure in the state of Tennessee. The program requires a transcript evaluation to assess any course discrepancies at the undergraduate level to ensure attainment of knowledge and skills required in general education, professional education, and the teaching field academic major. Candidates must satisfy course discrepancies through LMU or any other fully accredited college or university prior to student teaching. Secondary majors who already hold a degree in the area in which they are seeking licensure can quality for licensure with a minimum additional professional core of 18 graduate hours beyond their bachelor’s degrees. Elementary licensure requires the 18 hours of professional core courses and an additional 18 hours of methods courses.

Licensure programs are offered in:

  • Elementary Education (K-6)
  • Education (K-12) - Physical Education, Visual Arts, Music
  • Secondary Education (7-12) - Business Education/Technology, Biology,
  • Chemistry, English, History, Mathematics. 

Elementary and Secondary majors complete the following professional core courses:

  • Fall Semester -- EDUC 570 Introduction to Teaching and Learning 6 hrs
  • Spring Semester --EDUC 571 Extending and Refining Knowledge of Teaching and Learning 6 hrs
  • Following Fall Semester or later EDUC 591 Enhanced Student Teaching* 6 hrs
    TOTAL 18 hrs
    *Candidates who delay the Student Teaching requirement after completing
    EDUC 570 and 571 will be required to take a graduate-level course each semester
    until the semester that they begin student teaching.

Elementary majors also complete the following methods courses for licensure:

  • EDUC 572 Early Childhood and Adolescent Development 3 hrs
  • EDUC 573 Methods of Teaching Mathematics in K-6 3 hrs
  • EDUC 574 Methods of Teaching Reading in K-6 3 hrs
  • EDUC 575 Methods of Teaching Language Arts in K-6 3 hrs
  • EDUC 576 Methods of Teaching Science in K-6 3 hrs
  • EDUC 577 Methods of Teaching Social Studies in K-6 3 hrs
    Total Methods Courses 18 hrs

    The total number of required hours for elementary major licensure is 36, consisting of 18 hours of the professional core courses and 18 hours of methods courses. The M.Ed. degree is optional and not required for licensure.

For Elementary majors who wish to earn the Master of Education degree, the following courses are required:

  • EDUC 501 Foundations of American Education 3 hrs
  • EDUC 511 Research and Statistics 3 hrs
    Total required hours for the M.Ed. in Elementary Education 42 hrs

    For secondary majors, the total number of hours for licensure is 18, in addition to the bachelor’s degree. Secondary candidates may apply for licensure after completing the professional core, required discrepancy coursework, required testing, and student teaching. The M.Ed. degree is optional and not required for licensure. The following courses are additional and required for the M.Ed. degree for secondary majors:

  • EDUC 501 Foundations of American Education 3 hrs
  • EDUC 511 Research and Statistics 3 hrs
  • CI 501 Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment 3 hrs
  • EDUC 572 Early Childhood and Adolescent Child Development 3 hrs
  • EDUC 595 Topic: Methods of Teaching in Secondary Environments 3 hrs
  • EDUC 602 Structuring Learning Environments 3 hrs
  • EDUC 607 Brain Compatible Teaching and Learning 3 hrs
  • EDUC 692 Diversity and Equity Issues 3 hrs
    Total additional M.Ed. hours 24 hrs

Total required hours for the MEd degree in Secondary Education 42 hrs

Masters in Initial Teacher Licensure Admission requirements include, but may not be limited to:

  • Submission of an application complete with application fee and three recommendation forms. Applications are found on the website.
  • Submission of two (2) official transcripts from each regionally accredited college/university attended, indicating a cumulative minimum undergraduate GPA of at least 2.50, as reported on the baccalaureate degree transcript.
  • One copy of pre-admission test scores. These may be ACT (taken and passed within the past five [5] years), the Core Academics Skills Exam for Educators (CASE).
  • Candidates must pass a Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Cogent background check. Results must be sent to the M.Ed. in Initial Licensure office. 

Policies specific to the MEd degree are addressed in the Masters in Initial Teacher Candidate Handbook.  Policies specific to licensure are addressed in program publications.


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