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Hybrid/Blended Learning

What is a hybrid or blended course?

Hybrid/Blended courses blend both online and face-to-face delivery as one or more face-to-face class meetings replaced with online content, instruction, or assessment. If you are teaching a hybrid course, contact the CTLE for more information.


Blended Learning Toolkit:
Based on proven research and informed by practical experience, this site offers guidance, examples, and other resources for preparing a blended course or program.

This brief video highlights the meaning of Educational Technology, often referred to as "EdTech," and the role in the education community.



Articles/Research/Reference Material

What is Blended Learning? (Infographic)

Nine Tips for Creating a Hybrid Course

Creating learning objectives, flipped classroom style

A Framework For Student Motivation In A Blended Classroom

How to Implement Blended Learning (Infographic)


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