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2015 Contest Results

The winners of the 2015 Mountain Heritage Literary Festival writing competitions were:

James Still Prize for Short Story – Judged by John McManus
HM – Keith Lesmiester of Decorah, Iowa – “Life is Still of Schedule”
3rd – Leah Hampton of Waynesville, North Carolina – “F***face”
2nd - Natalie Sypolt of Kingwood, West Virginia – “The Sound of Holding Your Breath”
1st – Matt Prater of Saltville, Virginia – “A Nine Dollar Shawl”

George Scarbrough Prize for Poetry – Judged by Michael Chitwood
HM: Nora Jane Montgomery of Boone, North Carolina – “Here Come Dark”
HM: Michael Beadle of Raleigh, North Carolina – “Homeguard”
3rd:  Susan Underwood of Jefferson City, Tennessee – “Tobacco”
2nd: Melissa Helton of Asher, Kentucky – “Hog Killing in Deep Snow”
1st:  Matt Prater of Saltville, Virginia – “John Cage”

Emma Bell Miles Prize for Essay – Judged by Amy Clark
HM: Shelia Hughes-Morley of Lake Charles, Louisiana – “How to Hang out Clothes”
HM: Lisa Barrick of Speedwell, Tennessee – “Wandering Back”
3rd: Elizabeth Glass of Louisville, Kentucky – “Stone, Water, Land, Spine”
2nd: Joanne Nelson of Hartland, Wisconsin - “The Hallway in My House”
1st: Linda Michel-Cassidy of Arroyo Seco, New Mexico – “This Snow, This Day”

Jesse Stuart Prize for Young Adult Fiction – Judged by Jodi Lynn Anderson
3rd: Jane Sasser of Oak Ridge, Tennessee – “Red Lipstick Blues”
2nd: Jennie Ivey of Cookeville, Tennessee - “Happy Birthday to Me”
1st:  Connie Jordan Green of Lenoir City, Tennessee – “Virgil’s Story”

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